Taking Care of Your Skin During Ramadan

Muslim communities around the globe are celebrating the holy month of Ramadan – men, women, young and old fast without food or water, from dawn till dusk. Whilst Ramadan is a month dedicated solely for religious devotion, your bodies will go through dehydration and fatigue. Your skin, is one of the places that show signs of it; so an effective daily skincare routine is extremely important.

To get healthier skin, what you put in your body is as vital as what you put on your body! Your diet significantly changes during Ramadan – since morning coffees are replaced with fruit juices or fancy milk shakes for iftar at sunset. It is best to skip the sugary drinks and hydrate your body with good old H2O. A minimum of eight glasses is necessary from iftar till suhoor.

As for what you put on your body : Moisturizing your skin every day is a must. Spending hours in an air conditioned cabin at work, or slaving away in the kitchen afterwards can easily dry your face and crack the lips. A good moisturizing day cream or sunscreen with SPF 30 is essential. Before applying make-up, generously rub in the cream to leave your skin looking plump and hydrated. I would suggest natural brands as they usually do not cause break outs in your skin. It has been a while since I started using Yes To sunscreens  and creams – they are made with real fruits and vegetables, smells amazing and is not greasy unlike most sunscreens.

If your skin loves oils, then the rose gold elixir from Farsali is perfect. Squeeze a few drops of it’s citrus-y smelling formula on your face and gently pat it in. It works as a primer and a moisturizer. When taking off make-up, use a natural remover like olive oil as it keeps the skin moisturized and a natural remover is always better than an artificial one.

Staying up late nights for prayers during this month will lead to dark circles under your eyes. A generous amount of eye cream or an extra moisturizing night cream can be incorporated into your evening beauty routine. I have been using the night cream from Clinique for a few months now, and it works wonders. I just lather some on to my face before going to sleep, and I have notice that my skin has become more soft!

Hope these tips helped you or inspired you to start a skincare routine. And I would love to hear what your favorite skincare products are and how you take care of your skin!



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