Nail art nail-somely puts the fun in fashion!

Nail art has cleverly ‘nailed it’ in as the most hottest trend in the current fashion scene. Almost everyone is sporting outrageously painted nails in psychedelic colors or patterned motifs! While we thought clothes made a huge impact, this teeny trend has scored huge. Today everyone remembers Zoe Deschanel’s cute tuxedo nails at the Golden Globes,  but looking back the actress (as a matter of fact) gave a new height to the already growing with popularity- nail art (well popularity among bloggers esp). Yes, bloggers can rightfully be counted in as the one’s who magnified this minute art. Although, honestly I have not given this funky trend a go … yet ! I for sure have fallen in love with a couple of bloggers who work those nails (like a bauss)! And to single out a recent personal fave – ‘Miss Ladyfinger’ – the name itself seems to give a humorous wiggle to it, non?! And I love the fact that she takes inspiration from the fashion week outfits! Transforming clothes on bodies into paint on nails! (Check out more of her work here)The recent New York Fashion week shared with us some ‘nail-some’ exhibits such as that of Behnaz Sarafpours super hard metallic nails to Kate Spades spotty delightful’s!

the Blonds at NYFW

Kate Spade at NYFW

Behnaz sarafpour at NYFW

Ah well, to pen off this post I’ve got to share one last piece and add to this never-seem-to-end obsession – A perfectly manicured pair of hands and a bit of creativity can do so much more! So proves Chanel’s video – a perfectly choreographed creative conceptual video that somehow seems to touch the inner imaginative child within us. Don’t you think so?

Hope you enjoyed this one! Till next time! bise!

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