Maldivian Idol Finalist Laisha’s Best Looks!

‘Maldivian Idol’ not only showcased talented Maldivian singers but it also revealed an ugly prejudiced side of our society. And Laisha Junaid, the only female contestant who has made her way into the top three finalists is the subject of many sexist trolls.

The young, talented and extremely down-to-earth singer is being criticized for her tom boyish behavior and has even questioned her gender! How far can these trolls go!

True, once you come under the public eye, you will be criticized in every possible way. But we should cut her some slack, as a young girl she has accomplished quite a lot and she is a singer trying to make her mark, so ridiculing her to such low levels is definitely unnecessary.

A celebrity’s appearance is always questioned, but let us keep it simple shall we? And perhaps give them some constructive criticism instead?

So coming back to our main point! We have made a short list of Lai’s best on-stage looks. She has worn a few outfits that fall under the ‘worst looks’ (like the time she wore a purple top with gold pants for a ‘Disco Night’ themed show) but her cheery nature does seem to make up for all those fashion faux pas.

It is not an easy task, dressing a celebrity or creating a signature style for them; so we got to give to those hardworking stylists and designers who work round the clock to create individual looks for each episode.

Well, we can’t wait to see what she will wear tomorrow for the grand finale. What do you think has been Lai’s best or worst outfits so far?











All photos sourced from the official Maldivian Idol Facebook page

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