Embracing the 90’s

Perhaps the best part about fashion is trends. I think they are one of the core reasons why fashion can be something very close and personal to someone. A revival of a fashion trend can bring nostalgia and puts the ‘fun’ in fashion too. The current 90’s trends revival has everyone excited especially the average 20-something woman. The tattoo chokers we once wore, overalls, denim jackets, crop tops, high-waisted jeans or crushed velvet dresses. They are all back. And surprisingly very relevant to the now. As a 90’s kid I loved each one of those 90’s trends that I just mentioned so clearly I’m whole-heartedly embracing it. Here, I am wearing a simple black  dungaree from Missguided and a white body suit from ASOS. I accessorized my look with Aldo‘s Bieniel wrap around choker, ankle booties from Ebay, a black duffle bag from ASOS and my Monki sunnies. I went for a simple monochromatic look, playing with only black and white. I prefer minimalism so I kept things simple yet they can be worn almost anywhere. I wore this to a day out with my friends and also to work, so it’s quite practical and stylish. These dungarees can be styled in different ways, you can wear them with long sleeves or off shoulder crop tops even. They are perfect for Summer. Feel free to share how you wore your favorite 90’s trends.


Photographs by Mahin Fayaz

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