Statement Accessories = Wardrobe Win!

Accessories have a way of amplifying a simple outfit. And fashion has been extremely benevolent in the past fashion weeks, presenting a wide array of accessories (besides chokers! cue eye roll) – There was something for everyone! Why not swap your chokers with statement earrings or tinted sunglasses this time?

After scouting for the perfect backdrop, we chose this weather-worn citrus wall – perfect for this post’s bold accessories. Styled with a light washed denim jacket from New Look and a black mesh turtle neck, the gold hoop earrings in geometric patterns created  the ideal look.

Geometrical shaped earrings have frequented almost every designer collection in the past seasons. From J.Crew to Creatures of the Wind; metallic hoops and brightly colored baubles were seen dangling from every models’ ears. If you want to take this look a notch up then pair a modern outfit with a  mono-earring for a sophisticated look. Go for a single dangling earring that has an interesting mix of materials like wood and metal.

The tinted sunglasses are not new to the fashion world but as we all know fashion keeps recycling and up-cycling trends. Street style of the recent, has been flooded with images of the fashion forward pack donned in colorful tinted glasses.

This cheerful accessory puts the fun in fashion. And this year’s Coachella festival will most likely have women in tinted glasses giving off a bohemian retro 70’s vibe than the usual flower crown-donned-fair-weather hippies.
For music festivals or whilst running errands, these accessories are sure to make you stand out from the crowd. Always use current trends to embrace and enhance your own style!





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