This Supersonic Hair Dryer Is A Must Have!

The British company Dyson, known for their high-tech vacuum cleaners, heaters and bladeless fans has just launched a very cool yet practical hair dryer. As fancy as it’s name, the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer‘s futuristic design was the first thing we noticed! Shaped like a metallic doughnut this gadget is lightweight, with it’s ‘V9’ digital motor located in the handle to give the much needed balance when drying or styling hair.

“It has a strong, quick-drying airflow that also allows for more controlled, precise styling.” -Dyson

The dryer comes with three magnetic attachments making it extremely easy to switch from one nozzle to the other. It is reported that Dyson invested $71 million for the product’s research, so it comes as no surprise when the dryer has barely any sound (thanks to it’s aero-acoustic engineering!).

Jen Atkin, the official brand ambassador and hair stylist to the Kardashian clan says”The motor is much smaller, but still very powerful, so I can dry hair quickly, and it feels light in my hand.”  Atkin praises the ‘diffuser’ attachment which, according to her is, “perfect to use when you want the tousled, carefree [look]. [It] allows you to embrace your natural curls.”


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