You might wonder why we are still talking about tassels and fringing in 2018. It feels like every year they take a small, if not large part of the trends and runway collections. They have a certain timeless allure that designers and stylists can’t seem to avert.

Our fascination with them happens to be an age-old affair, dating back to ancient Greece – for instance, in Homer’s Ilyad Hera wears a tasseled belt that causes “excitement” and is said to shine and Athena’s hundreds of gold tassels are “cunningly woven, and each one of the worth of 100 oxen”. Fast forward to the screen-sirens of the fifties and you would find voluptuous beauties like Marilyn Monroe twirling around in dresses embellished with tassels. From the Haute Couture Spring Summer shows to the ready to wear collections of 2018, tassels and fringing are everywhere. Perhaps it is time we started calling them a classic instead of a trend?

Prepare to make room for more in your wardrobe because these sensual yet playful babies would be seen more than ever.




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