Miley Cyrus and More from 2013 VMA fashion!

I’m pretty sure it won’t be long before we see gifs of Miley on Tumblr and Facebook , twerking in her latex underwear (Wait…I bet they are already up!) Apart from the Miley Nightmare from the 2013 MTV Video Music Award’s things seemed pretty ‘VMA-normal’ when considering performances, appearances on stage and last but not the least the fashion! A large number of celebrities walked the red carpet in fashionable outfits flaunting their best assets. Singer and actress Selena Gomez was one wowzer at the event in her midnight blue Atelier Versace gown; with a peek-a-boo lace bustier detail and metal clasp lining which also traced a thigh high slit in the gown.  While Lil Kim’s black perforated skin tight suit left me speechless (the Hollywood fashion faux-pas also remind me of our ‘Mollywood stars’ and their unique fashion choices) Katy Perry’s bejeweled grills and wild printed number from Emanuelle Ungaro made quiet a roar. R&B singer Ciara captured the attention with her sheer Givenchy gown, she looked ethereal and absolutely elegant as sequins outlined her body in an artistic fashion and white feathers grazed the red carpet. I think the outfit was very contemporary not too sexy, but artistic and she let her hair fall on her shoulders which made the look even more appealing.  As usual Taylor Swift scored a 10/10 at the event with a skin tight midnight blue gown (was she coordinating colors with her bestie Selena?) and hair styled in soft loose curls. Ellie Goulding surprised me as she wore a beautiful nude colored gown with studs (but I wondered if it was comfortable sitting on them?) I loved the Smith siblings Willow and Jaden, they were just too cool for school! Miley chose to wear a vintage Dolce and Gabbana for the event (and what’s up with your tongue Miley?!) And that’s a wrap folks! Who were your faves and who do you think failed-to-flaunt? All images from here

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