Rock n Roll your way into this Trend!

We’ve noticed Mother Monster, aka Lady Gaga wearing  rock band t-shirts on numerous occasions and boy are we loving this new trend! The style dare devil is known for wearing the most outrageously complicated outfits (can we ever forget the meat dress?) so compared to those this has been a low key look; which is also incredibly stylish!
Who else have been wearing the trend? Rita Ora , model Meagan Camper and Rihanna to name a few. Now we know that most rock band t-shirts come in unflattering boxy silhouettes but this shouldn’t stop you from turning it around to your favor. Roll the sleeves or chop them off and keep the raw edges these simple tricks will give it an instant upgrade. I got my hands on a Gun’s n Roses t-shirt and I just rolled up the sleeves tucked them into my high waisted pants! So simple! Scroll on to see some looks! Would you try this trend? What are your favorite rock bands?

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