WTF! It’s all Rags!

Salut all my lovely fashionable Famushu readers !I’ve had some wild working weeks lately and finally got a day to sit down comfortably and post on my latest works. This time I’ve been inspired by the worn and torn look, It’s a simple DIY look that pretty much anybody can make (not to mention with the right tools and material). The torn and worn out look has been heightened  by Christophe Decarnin for his Balmain Spring Summer 2011 fashion collection.

Balmain Spring Summer 2011

Balmain Spring Summer 2011Balmain Spring Summer 2011Pics from Inspired by the biker chick he created tee’s with torn holes that were held together by safety pins. There were bleached jeans and studs adorned the signature Balmain jackets.  Considering the economic situation affecting the fashion industry only a handful of designers have really experimented richly with their collections this year. Christophe Decarnin’s  exhibition was very similar to  last seasons Balmain collection and looking through them I felt like watching a movie that I have seen ten times; knowing ah! that’s what’s going to come next!.  However, the collection is safe enough to keep Balmain’s regular customers happy; and who could ignore those jackets which are to-die-for!

worn and torn look on white t-shirt

the torn t-shirt

silver and leather

silver and leather accessories with black skinny jeans

I’ve posted here my latest crazy work, it’s a torn look given to a white t-shirt that I sew. And believe me, the first reaction I get from many people are: “WTF is she wearing?!” This look is rebellious  and perhaps a viewer discrimination could be necessary  😉 This is the kind of grunge /punk look that I love to wear when there aren’t any formal meetings to go to but to just hang out with friends and be oneself. Silver jewelry goes like bread and butter with this outfit and if one wants to extend the rebellious look they could try black leather skin tights with the t-shirt and wear killer heels with spikes or studs. ;)Here are some additional varieties on this look from ASOS (was browsing through the site and these are the most kewl looks I noticed)all pics below by ASOS

Well, that’s it from here! Ta-ta for now ! :D  Plait-Back

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