It’s all about Nature!

We can be inspired by many things -It could be a person or a thing. It could be lifeless or something imaginary. Sometimes I’ve come across people who say that they were inspired by a person’s character. Hence, for my new design, I was inspired by a couple of things. I’m sure my fashionable readers would know the Belgian designer Dries Van Noten.His ‘style’ in mixing various textiles and colors became one of my inspirations. Dries’s spring summer 2010 scored a 10/10 among customers, editors and fashion bloggers; as his designs were seen everywhere on the streets and gala events. It seemed that people can’t stop talking about his creations and everyone  wanted some part of it, whether it was jewelry or the clutches. The other element of inspiration was the orchid (in fact, the different colors and shapes that they form into) One could point out “Orchids are so cliche, everyone seems to be inspired by that flower!” But hey! nature never fails to awe us humans. Have you seen John Galliano’s recent creations for Dior? pics from They are absolutely breathtaking. Clearly his designs have been influenced by the beauty of flowers such as orchids! As usual for a design, I begin with sketches and realise it through sewing . The main focus of my outfit is the appliqued work. The appliques play around the garment to bring a feminine shape.

The shapes that form in the center of each design embodies my idea of the orchid.

the design

the neckpiece also takes the form of an orchid and is made with beads, cloth and thread

I’ve got to sign off for now, I hope this post was enjoyable and hope to keep you all updated with my new creations and news from the fashion world + Big surprises are still to come 😉

Ciao xxx

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