Flower Crowns, Lace tops and Coachella!

Here in Maldives (a small island nation just 1 meter above sea level) and approximately 12,523 miles from USA, one would call me insane to talk about Coachella ’13. But hey the World Wide Web has knitted us all into a tiny ball, and nothing seems to be impossible today isn’t it? Coachella was so last month but I’m still musing (mostly) about the hippie bohemian ensembles worn by the festival goers. It is a music fest but lately the crowd seems to be more into dressing up to stand out (like the stylists/editors crowd  from Paris or New York fashion week but place them in an even more crowded area,music booming from the background complete with a hippie / boho vibe) It’s crazy yet cool and why not ? The vibe there must have been friendly and carefree. The clothing showed it most of all, everyone seemed to be in their own happy place wearing exactly what they wanted to wear with no ‘fashion police’ to dictate them.166522498article-0-194881D5000005DC-495_634x764 32-55a0738-leah-adicoff-myles-hendrik166524833

Some went for bold monochrome prints with bold red lips; others wore baby doll dresses with back packs while most went for cropped tops with flower garlands on their heads. There were a few pieces that I loved to wear which would suit the sunny tropical weather in Maldives:  Tie Dye, bold prints, cropped tops, lace, fringed items, denims or denim cut offs and flower crowns.hbz-coachella-street-style-2012-5-lgn 27-55a0608-natalie-saurezhbz-coachella-street-style-2012-6-lgncoachella-street-style-7_143405765521A cropped top with tie dye, bold aztec prints or a cropped tee in a simple color is always so perfect for hot weather. Bags with fringes, boots with fringes or  just about anything with fringes makes me go all ‘aah’ ‘ooh’ !  Pair a dainty white lace top with denim jeans or shorts and it makes you the ‘it’ girl (think Lana Del Ray) flowercrown1flowercrown4cult-gaia-flower-crown

But perhaps the very item that my hands itched to make was the flower crown! The weather is perfect- monsoon rains are over and it’s sunny again. With a bunch of dainty silk flowers, some wires and a scissor I DIY-ed a flower crown within an hour. IMG_34923moiffg3

Wearing my flower crown here with my favorite lace cropped top. I know one cannot wear a garland of flowers on the regular but they can be worn to special occasions (weddings, pool parties, beach parties, music fests … or you could come up with some crazy occasion as an excuse to wear it 😉  ) Flower crown DIY’s are so popular that you could find different styles online today, so try it out mix different colors, you can vary the flowers to achieve different looks; from simple to dramatic.  Hope to see some of my Famushions try it today 😉

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