Daily Wear : Accessory Obsession

Don’t we all have certain accessories which we are so obsessed about that it becomes a daily part of our lives… almost impossible to separate from our human bodies?! I’ve decided to post some accessories here which I wear almost every time I go out.

* The chocolate brown fedora hat is perfect for a sunny afternoon in the tropical Maldives -which was around $14

*My leather shoulder flap bag, is not only comfortable but also matches with almost every outfit and is a parfait day bag – costing a reasonable $ 14 as well.

*The silver cuff bangles ( around $10) I purchased from Northern India is an exquisite piece of work and donning one of the bangles is a simple way to accessorize a cool cotton shirt.

*Embellishing the fingers is still a big trend and whilst the trend evolves the rings just seem to be get bigger and funkier. My personal favourite is my silver and turquoise stone ring which cost around $3

*The spike ear studs I got from Malaysia are just pure elegance with a twist! And last but not the least the pilot sunglasses – can’t leave my house without ’em! 😉


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