It’s that time of the year when you might be eagerly searching for suitable job openings, perhaps you just graduated (congratulations!), you’ve completed an internship, or you are thinking of taking the plunge and pursuing a new career path. Whatever the case it may be, a job interview where you are pitching yourself as the ideal employee to a company can be very nerve-wracking. I remember going to them, being anxious and not knowing what to expect. But thankfully, I was prepared and it definitely got me through! A few months ago, I ran my first job interview for my company – and it was quite the experience. Being in the shoes of an employer made me realize how important certain things such as, being on time and knowing about a company is (including dressing for the part!). So, before you head out to an interview make sure to go through these five tips. BE PREPARED

One of the most important things you should bring along with you to an interview is your resume or portfolio. I have read and heard about candidates forgetting their resumes and in most cases employers would not have time to print it out for you. Bringing your portfolio or resume along with you shows that you are prepared. Once an interview date is confirmed, it’s time to mentally prepare yourself to the possible questions. This does not mean you have to rehearse your answers, but carefully reflect on your career chronology to date. And if you are unable to answer immediately, be prepared with a go-to phrase like, “That’s a good question. I think I would have to say…” use this time to stall and gather your thoughts. If the interview is held at an office or at a more casual setting such as a coffee shop, make sure to find the location in person, before the interview. It not only saves time on the day of the interview but you would be mentally prepared for the setting as well – this was a tip I learnt from my brother and he applies it to any meeting held at a new location.


I can’t stress this enough. If you plan to make a good impression on your potential employer then you must respect the given time. They have allocated a certain time for you and most would not wait if you are late. You can always schedule the day around your interview time and get there at least fifteen minutes early, so you don’t turn up flustered.                               DRESS FOR YOUR JOB

This is actually a tough one! There are so many unwritten ‘rules’ and what the employer expects from you might be uncertain. So the best thing to do is to dress for the role you are pursuing. If you are going to an office based career that you know will require you to wear a certain look, then make sure you are dressed appropriately. Similarly, if you are going to work at a more casual environment, say as a graphic designer or a role in fashion such as merchandizing or retail then show off your style – be work appropriate but have some fun with colors and shoes. As long as you don’t have to wear a suit, a simple yet effective piece of clothing is a jumpsuit. You would not have to worry about combining a top and bottom and can get dressed quickly. Here I am wearing a black jumpsuit with pinstripes from Miss Selfridge. It has a formal vibe to it, yet the bow tie at the front softens the whole look. I paired the look with my Pimkie bag in a rich burgundy color, a pair of suede black kitten heels ( I think it is best to avoid sky-high heels if you don’t normally wear them) and I accessorized my hair with vintage hair pins I got from my grandmother.


This is part of being prepared for your interview – and encompasses every aspect of your interview from researching the specific role to dressing for it. Doing your research about the history of a company, who the founder is, the brand’s morals, or any basic information will work to your advantage. Slipping them into the conversation shows you have a genuine interest in working for the company.


Think of your interview as a formal conversation with another, do not stress about it, nod and agree all the time or just respond. Interacting with them in a friendly and open manner is key to nailing the part. You need to relax and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Ask anything you have a doubt about – such as your salary or a specific work requirement. Last, but certainly not the least thank them for seeing you. It not only shows you are polite but also that you are interested in the position. I recently asked my Twitter family what their best advice is for someone who is going for a job interview and here are some of the responses I got.

  Now, all you can do is cross your fingers and hope that you presented the best version of yourself! Let us know what your best tip would be to someone who is going for a job interview.     Photos by Hasan Shazil. All images are a copyright of Famushu, no image or a part of it must be used without the prior written permission of the author. 

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