Crystal Wedding

~ Once in a while,Right in the middle of an Ordinary life, LOVE gives us a fairy tale ~


sketch of design for the gown

A fairy tale best describes my cousin’s wedding reception, held at Dharubaaruge on a beautiful warm night in Male’. A day that we were all looking forward to! Both the families, the bride and groom especially! I do remember all the chaos that went into planning and getting things done before the night; for a perfect and smooth reception; my cousin whizzing up and down fixing the cake, the food, the guests and most importantly the bride’s gown! I was thrilled to know that I could design her gown! After taking in all theร‚ย  specifications she wanted in her gown, I kept the design modern, minimalistic though giving attention to a great deal of detail, keeping in mind that it should be unique.ร‚ย  ‘Crystals’ was a theme that Kuntha (as I call her ๐Ÿ˜€ ) had, and which somehow has to subtly reflect through the gown as well. Keeping the gown simple yet conceptual is not an easy task I say. So the cuts in the gown reflect the rhombus cuts found on crystals. And the use of lace with iridescent sequins reflected the colors that shine from crystals.ร‚ย  Since Kuntha wanted a modern gown, I made sure the train of the gown was small and I didn’t give the usual Cinderella ball gown silhouette which would’ve made the bride look wide and frumpy – an absolute no-no !

Translucent crystals were placed on the sleeves and a single string with a crystal hanging at the front of the gown, to not only balance the concept of crystals in a subtle way but also to bring femininity and a tinge of royal-look. When we finally hit the tailor the process became something similar to a roller coaster ride there were plenty of downs as our tailor gave us some hiccups! But all in all we made sure that the gown was finished on time. I was most of all delighted and relieved to know that the bride, Kuntha,was happy with the design and every guest who came to the reception said how gorgeous Kuntha looked!

I wish Kuntha and Amr a joyous and lovable married life! Bless you both <3

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