Exploring a monochromatic outfit in this bewitching color

If you have been following my sartorial journey, here on my blog (and now, through my Instagram page) you would have seen me venture into monochromatic looks recently. As someone who had mostly preferred a neutral palette of black, white and grey, paired with denims, for my wardrobe; incorporating other colors seemed a bit disconcerting – I always felt like certain colors do not look good on me.
I work as a professional stylist and designer but never do I flinch at color when I style or design for someone else. So, I took this as a challenge and tried different monochromatic looks, in colors I have not worn before.

The color ‘berry’ is a spectrum between red and purple, with a myriad of shades such as rich violets to wines. This gorgeous color is perfect for fall and winter season; it also complements warm skin tones (like mine). Thus, you can pull off a head-to-toe berry look!

Wearing a single-hue style is anything but boring and the right look will help you feel good about yourself and boosts your confidence. That was exactly how I felt wearing this look. Here, I have paired a simple ribbed top from ASOS, a pair of paper bag trousers from New Look and a cute circle bag from Pimkie.
Wearing a monochromatic look does not mean that you have to go all match-y. You can always spice it up with a different color. I wore leopard print kitten heels because the neutral print complements the berry tones.

And when wearing monochromatic looks, always keep in mind to play with texture – it would be rather dull to have a one single fabric worn as separates. Instead, pair materials like knits, with leather, or cotton with suede or denim – the options depend on your creativity! I also paired some gold hoops and black sunglasses from Famushu Boutique.

Photographs by Munko

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