Gold Chains and Black Ribbons

Beads and baubles - The necklace in progress

a romantic setting - vintage inspired jewelry

It’s been quite a while since I posted any handmade jewelry and I’m excited to show all the latest ones I have created. To kick off the recent collection here’s a classic piece I made, it’s vintage gold chain and gold buttons paired with black ribbon, chain and beads. The ribbon and vintage jewelry combo is still dominant as a trend and this compelled me to make one.

vintage inspired necklace with ribbon and gold chain

That black bow tie gives this girlish look to the piece doesn’t it? One could wear it casually with a cropped tee or to work in a crispy white long sleeved shirt! The styles you can pair up with this piece of bijoux is just endless. The contrasting materials of fabric and metal actually emphasize on the piece’s unique quality, the fact that something strong could easily go along with something soft and vulnerable is a very romantic concept to me.

opted a vintage style to wear with the necklace

extremely comfortable leather belted wedges purchased from a local retail shop and even more comfortable boot legged jeans!

I’m wearing a turban, tied in such a way that is reminiscent of the late 80’s, with a light beige over sized t-shirt  and trippy purple dyed boot legged jeans! And I’m loving my new leather belted wedges which is a  recent member to my shoe collection! The necklace can be paired with endless styles! Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did posting it! 😀 I’ll be back again with another presentation of my jewelry creations soon!


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Played around with Photoshop and voila came out this picture that looked like it came straight out of Paul Poiret's 1920's images!

Here's another! I'm just blown away by what PSd can do! This is once again so reminiscent of 1920's Paul Poiret's mannequins!

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