The most sought-after trend of recent times is the suit. From plaid, to monochrome, co-ord in bright candy colors, oversized, cinched in with belts or paired with biker shorts – the suit is reiterated in a million ways by now, that it is worth investing in a good piece. After seeing Rihanna’s Fenty collection and especially the suit jacket with a fanny pack, I had to get hold of something similar (since it costs a whopping 1,100 USD!). Fortunately, ASOS had a blazer with a fanny pack to go with it and at an affordable price – I couldn’t resist. I’ve tried the blazer in different styles already: with pants (which you will see below), without pants (not kidding! you will see that look soon!), with the fanny pack and without it. I simply love a versatile piece of clothing.

Photos by Mazin

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