As a makeup artist I have been often told and asked, “I don’t like wearing makeup, but there are times when I absolutely have to. Can you please suggest a look for me.” And here’s how we appreciate a fresh-faced passing us by.

One thing is absolute, we love makeup. There’s a fast growing number becoming confident with trying out new things. But hey, let’s try the basics first. We need to start our routine with a base; the foundation, when choosing one let’s keep it simple and go for one that is light based liquid or a tinted moisturizer. Choosing the matching skin tone is the key. Set it out evenly with equally matching powder. There’s a variety to choose from; matte, silky-finish, glow and it goes on. Pick one that suits you best. Personally I prefer using just a skin tone pancake but only as a powder, so that I can skip the liquid since my skin is super oily and I have suggested this to a few of my clients as well.

Now that the base is done, we tackle the brows. If you have big bold brows, skip this. Instead use an eyebrow brush to brush off excess foundation or powder that might have rubbed on. For those of us with less fortunate brows (me included), a dark brown eyebrow pencil would do wonders. Without too harsh lines, soft and short strokes would give a more natural look.

For eye makeup there is way too much variety to choose from, that sometimes it gets hazy as what to use and what not to. Eyeshadows (that too, in so much variety, I lost count), eyeliners, mascaras, etc. But keeping minimal in mind let’s go for the same powder we used, on the lids as well. This way, we are avoiding tons of products. But if this is beyond minimal for your taste, you can use an earth-toned shade just on the lids. We will complete the whole eye makeup, with 2 or 3 coats of mascara.

Yes, I skipped the pencil and liquid eyeliners all together. Shall we take a break from rimming our eyes with daily doses of black? Moving on, it is time for the final product; a lipstick or a gloss. Now, this depends on your personality or mood. I prefer caramel tones. If you are daring, you may choose a brighter lip color.

You can rock minimal makeup for work, something official or this can be your daily routine to keep things simple. Give or take a few changes here and there, you can bend it to suit your preferences.

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Model- Malsha Photographer- Muzzamil Post production- Navin

Model- Malsha
Photographer- Muzzamil
Post production- Navin

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