If you dare to eat this nail polish that is! The plant based  nail polish created by Kid Licks is 100 percent safe…to put in your mouth. The title itself gives us a hint that the creators of this one of a kind nail polish must have considered the teenyboppers. Audrey Amara and Josh Kroot has a brood of four kids and they noticed that their eldest daughter loved nail polish, and like every parent, wondered if it was safe for her. After a few kitchen experiments made from organic fruits and vegetables the flavors ehem colors Beet Red, Sour Carrot Orange and Barley Grass Green was created. Kid Licks can be used by children and of course adults and can be applied like regular nail polish and dries up the usual too. But you don’t need a remover to get it off, just some soap and a little scrubbing easily does the trick.


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