If you have been following style influencers on your socials, you must have come across posts of their fingers decked with a bevy colorful bauble rings or collars stacked with layers of bead necklaces. The colorful, resin rings that often come in gaudy shapes and sizes or necklaces with beads that spell out their names, seem to appeal to a younger audience of 9 to 14 year olds. But it is the adults who are wearing it now. We don’t know if this a result of the pandemic but what we are assured of is that this accessories trend is here to stay in 2021. And here’s one main reason why :

Nostalgia-inducing jewelry is always a win

We are often attached to jewelry that means something to us or have a special memory connected with them. Perhaps this explains why the ‘summer camp’ jewelry trend has become a favorite. The term ‘summer camp’, aptly coined for the colorful beaded jewelry made and worn during summer camp is the newest trend of 2021. If you may or may not have been to summer camp, these kitschy jewelry take us right back to the era of crafting colorful friendship bracelets. These bright and fun ensemble of beads brings back joyful memories of outings with friends when we were just 14 or 15.

Styling these playful pieces with our ‘adult jewelry’ when we are in our 20’s or 30’s is actually therapeutic in some ways – We are constantly looking for ways to uplift our spirits during this pandemic (which feels like an eternity already!) and our sartorial choices is one way we find solace. This burst of color and everything kitsch is not only seen in jewelry but also in clothing and other accessories. From tie-dye clothing to bold 70’s prints and acid green bags, we are welcoming this surge with open arms and wallets!

As we see this trend take shopping websites and social media by a storm, more and more brands have decided to introduce them to their line. Roxanne Assoulin, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta and high end jewelry brands as such are indulging in this trend. But if you are looking for pieces that won’t leave you bankrupt the next month then we’ve got a selection right below. Or you could simply get some cords, beads and resin to start crafting pieces yourself! Share with us how you would style your summer camp jewelry!

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