Let Your Style Do The Talking!

Fashion should not be taken too seriously. There is no right or wrong, we could suggest which colors or what goes for certain occasions but the decision to conform to it relies solely on the individual. That said, fashion should be an extension of your self-expression. We all have an individual style!  And we must try to dress more like ourselves rather than someone else.
Fashion bloggers photographed during fashion week made a case for personal style! Their ensembles were a mix of designer pieces like Dior with vintage or other smaller brands. This method of dressing changed the fashion scene. Now, designers are constantly inspired by street fashion and urban wear like hoodies, track suits etc. Embracing a very real side to fashion.
I always loved experimenting with different silhouettes, colors and types of clothing (Like wearing sportswear inspired pants to work or pairing satin slips with tailored blazers) And in this post I would like to share with you a look I put together recently.

As some of you (who follow my social media platforms) might know; I opened my boutique “Famushu” last month. Famushu, began as a beachwear brand over three years ago. It has been a while since I have been working on opening my own boutique. And it finally did! The collection hosted at the boutique is mostly beachwear, though it is not strictly vacation wardrobe (As I said earlier, go creative with style!)

Alors! here, I am wearing a pair of  draw string cotton pants from  the Famushu collection. The designs are inspired by traditional Maldivian culture and nature. The pants here, feature traditional Maldivian lacquer designs. The stunning combination of yellow, red and black is commonly seen on vases or jewelry boxes; perfected by the craftsmen in Baa Atoll, Thulhaidhoo. Although, the pants are designed as resort wear, it is not restricted to it only!
I paired it with suede black heels from ASOS, a soft black leather handbag from Embroiderer Bangkok and a blue knitted top from ASOS.
Loose silhouettes and comfortable pants are very trendy and I believe this is a look you could wear to work too. Or any other function that you would deem appropriate.

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