Party Hard,Party Hard..Arms Party Hard! Whoops!

Aloha! The title for this post clearly outlines what I’m about to write and you might go all ‘here we go again’ as ‘arm party’ posts could be considered archaic by now, in fashion terms…but I just couldn’t resist myself! Aren’t we all obsessed about the sparkly colorful stack up?As for myself… I’m totally loving the eclectic mix of bracelets, friendship bands and vintage watches. There’s so much fun to stacking up one’s arm with every little wrist ornament found in the jewelry box. Arm party is still sported by many women around the fashion capitals of the world. The term ‘arm party’ was coined by one of the coolest bloggers in the world Leandra Medine from Man Repeller! Kudos ! As the nocturnal being I’ve turned into in the past couple of days, made me once again indulge in painting more fashion illustrations. This time in water colors is a  model sporting a generous number of bracelets and god-knows-what else.Hope you enjoyed this one!

Have a Great Weekend everyone!


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Illustration in Water colors

the stylish housewife

displaced urbanite


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