As someone who has been fronting the lens to document outfits and moods, being confident has not always been my strongest forte. I would rather limit my energy to just styling and designing only – basically I am more confident when I work behind the camera. However, being in front of the camera and taking the role of a model to blog my outfits has made me tackle what I thought was impossible five years ago.

Mid conversation with a friend the other day, I realized the first time I ever spoke or addressed a large group of people was when I was studying for my A’levels. I remember how nerve-wracking it was for me. And the popular advice “imagine everyone is naked” did not exactly work for me. I had to be more realistic as I was in a very real and inescapable situation. After my speech, I stepped down from the stage, feeling relieved. This was the first of many speeches and presentations that I was to deliver in future. And I can definitely say that it has been getting a lot easier ever since.

I am no expert in giving advice on confidence as I still am learning on how to perfect it. But, I will share a few tips and tricks which I use:

  • Most of my outfit photos are shot on the street. And as you would know, street shoots mean onlookers. And I have been frequently asked how I tackle such situations, whether I feel uncomfortable. Yes, it is never easy when you have several eyes on you. So, whenever I am in a crowded street I just think to myself :
    – I won’t be seeing these people again!
    – People forget what happened a few minutes later as they go on with their daily lives.
    This has definitely made it a tad bit easier for me to feel bold during a shoot.
  • Stand tall, pull your shoulders back and breathe. Bringing your confidence does not require an internal push only. The slightest physical adjustment helps to give an extra boost.
  • When a camera is pointed at me, I need to act and play the part of a model. So, I just pretend I am Tyra Banks, Bella Hadid or just anyone who I think looks confident always. Imagining myself as a super model helped to boost my confidence for that particular moment. After all the camera will capture an emotion and feeling you portray – so you might as well deliver it with all you got!
  • I always make sure to be prepared. Whether it is a photoshoot, presentation or speech. The latter being the hardest for me. Practice most definitely makes perfect!
  • Shut out the negative thoughts : Do not worry about what the other person is thinking. Focus only on delivering what you are there to do. Focus on yourself!

As for this post’s photos, I am wearing a faux leather shirt I got from Ebay, a Regal Rose dagger necklace in vintage gold and earrings from Famushu.

Photographs are taken by my very talented friend Aani Zuhair
Make-up by the wonderful Rizna

All images are a copyright of Famushu and no image or part of it must be used without the prior written permission from the author.

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