When tear drops freeze on chains…on chains such as these….

Bronze black and silver chains mix up to make this recent necklace of mine. I have been getting tired of seeing and wearing the same kind of simple jewellery and I wanted something quirky, different and stylish. So, it was back to hunting down my box of glittery shiny beads, cords and laces :D.necklace I was inspired by Kelly’s  (the Glamourai) accessory designs, especially her lovely necklaces. This blogger has created a world of her own with her jewellery and it’s her necklaces especially; that i love the most.  The use of vintage chains in bronze and gold entwined with black grosgrain ribbons are a total heart breaker! They look so chic and elegant and we are talking about vintage material everyone! whoever said old is trash – it’s awsomely trendy here!!! Kelly was also called to style Rachel Roy’s clothes. Well,  bloggers today influence the trends of fashion.  So getting back to the necklace I made; it’s a combination of three chains: silver, bronze and black. Some fat black ribbon and transclucent beads. My tools to make this necklace was a pair of scissors, a needle and thread.

some bronze, silver and black chains with black ribbon and a pair of scissor

some bronze, silver and black chains with black ribbon and a pair of scissors

I was having this imaginative fairy tale story as an inspiration to the  whole creation of this piece: a princess living in this grand castle and she cries for her prince who is at war, wishing he was back with her. The tears that fell down her cheeks froze on the chains of the enchanted necklace that has tied her to the castle chamber. 🙂 ( sounds a bit too over dramatic here)

After having sewn the chains onto the ribbon a knot is tied using the ends of the ribbon.And the transclucent beads (which can also be the tear drops of the princess 😉 ) are attached. And voila my necklace is done.

the tear drops froze on the bronze chains...

the tear drops froze on the bronze chains...

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