What am I gonna wear!!? – focus on the female wedding guest

What am I going to wear! That’s the ultimate question that every woman young or old asks when they have a function to attend. Since it’s the wedding season again everywhere around Male’ (and the entire country) restless women are barraging tailors with designs, fabrics and sequins. This year, I’ve come to notice that, most women preferred longer hemlines, and you must have seen (if you were in Male’ of course) ladies walking into Nasandhura or Dharubaruge in high heels wearing flowy gowns in minimalistic silhouettes. I quite admire the way Maldivians follow trends, sometimes it’s in a good direction, other times…well let’s not get there for once 😉 And It’s not only in Male’ that the gowns flourished with popularity, but elsewhere in Paris and New York; gowns were the preferred silhouette presented by many top designers.

Carlos Miele

Carolina Herrera

Jason Wu

Burberry Prorsum

Badgley MishkaPre-fall 2012 collections were a mix of shades ranging from ochres, bright pinks and electric blues to the cooler shades of browns, greys and solid blacks. Simple yet sophisticated gowns were seen in the pre-fall 2012 collections by Burberry Prorsum, Jason Wu and Carlos Miele. The shades used Burberry’s collection seem perfect for a wedding, there was no black but dark evening tones and of course no white which is a ‘no-no’ for weddings (most Maldivians have traditional bride-in-white receptions).

Burberry Prorsum

For the ladies who prefer to wear a short dress, DKNY’s  pre-fall ’12 collection had some youthful flower printed dresses that look fun and flirty as well.



However, before we get excited about the delectable draped dresses, one of the important things which lie in the basics of clothing are most of the time shrugged off.  My dear ladies, it’s about our undergarments. While most of us believe that gowns could hide many flaws, they also tend to cling to tricky areas like our tummy, thighs and buttocks, now wouldn’t it be dreadful to find out that the male guests at the wedding were chuckling about your panty line which was ever so visible the whole evening!                                           So a nipped waist line and smooth and shapely thighs would look great for figure hugging gowns, and for that you don’t need to hit the gym everyday and drink only water the week before the reception; instead waist-nipping and thigh slimming tights like spandex are ideal quick-fix-and-go clothing. And not to mention, a good brassier is a must-check as well! Ladies, beautiful clothes are definitely a must-have but so are undergarments that fit perfectly; age old tips can never die out eh 😉


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