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Would you sport these glasses?

At just 27 Gaga has already become a household name, not only for her singing but also for her weird yet captivating choice in fashion. Remember the meat dress which she wore to 2010 MTV VMA’s? It’s 2013 and people are still talking about it! Lately, I’ve been noticing her new sunglasses which she wore to meet her fans. These kaleidoscope glasses are impeccably cool to any onlooker. They just seem to transport the wearer into a sci-fi / fantasy world. And by that I mean literally, ‘cos the wearers image is split into different multiple images – the frames are crafted into multi faceted crystals instead of the regular flat ones – resulting in a psychedelic and trippy version of the world. I’d give you a pat on the shoulders if you could walk a straight line wearing those. As trippy as it is, I sure want to give it a try! They look too cool to resist! And I might give them up if fall onto the ground head first! The designers of these glasses known as Holes have a range of different styles from goggles to john Lennon style round frames. And have you seen the bubble blowing dress she wore recently? Just fabulous! What do you think?   images from here article-0-1B930531000005DC-357_634x929

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