Now that the Eid holidays are over, we have to drag ourselves to work, attend to piles of pending paperwork, sit at those meetings when we’d rather laze on our couch watching Netflix. It feels exhausting just thinking about it! And if you are looking for ways to stay motivated or inspired at work, then maybe a wardrobe change could be one? For my latest Lookbook video on YouTube I have featured some of my favorite workwear.

Look 1 – Modern Minimal
If you are working at a place where office attire is more relaxed and there are no strict rules as such then this could be an ideal look. Here, I wore my Monki black ribbed tee, paired with MissGuided paper-waist pants. Wearing a piece of clothing that is often associated with informal occasions; like the T-shirt, seems impossible for a formal or corporate setting. Try pairing it with a tailored piece such as a blazer or pants to balance out the look.

Look 2 – Jumpsuit & Go
Perhaps my all-time favorite look for meetings is a jumpsuit. Most days I hardly have any time to get ready and prepare a look ahead for the day, so a good quality and flattering jumpsuit is an easy option. I have worn my Miss Selfridge pinstriped jumpsuit to so many events and meetings and I always feel very put-together. Wearing a jumpsuit also means you can play around with accessories each time. You could wear a number of colors and styles of footwear, bags and hair accessories.

Look 3 – Frills & Stripes
We all have days when we would rather walk into our offices wearing an oversized T-shirt and pajama pants. But since that is not exactly an option (at least for most of us) there are some people-pleasing looks we can go for. As for myself, I like wearing this wrap-shirt, because A) I do not have to tuck it. B) it hides any signs of a food baby, post lunch! This look also features my favorite denim pants – the frills on it’s edges help to add some fun into a formal look.

Look 4 – Retro Refined
Since big and puffy sleeves are back in trend (and have been for a while) I felt like this look was a must. The blouse was one that I thrifted from Thailand some years back and it still fits amazing. Paired with Vero Mode plaid pants, I felt like I needed to add some edge and make it less predictable. One way to go about it is by using accessories. Here, I cinched in my waist with a silver studded faux leather belt.

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