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Life is too short to not wear knit cardigans in a tropical island. And I swear I was not sweating that particular day – and ‘particular days’ matter when it comes to knitwear – read on to find out.

I had blogged about knitwear a few times here and there are days when I yearn to live in a place where I could pull out legions of colorful knitwear that will keep me warm and serve as Instagram candy. Which is probably why I keep blogging reasons and posting photos to convince others and myself to wear knitwear in tropical or warm countries.

When I say ‘particular days’ matter that is because it falls to two main categories:

1- Cold rainy days

2- We get cold easily some days

I have a feeling that the second category should also be; “working in an AC environment when you’re a girl who gets cold easily”. If you work at a desk job especially, then a cardigan comes handy. Just throw one over your blouse or t-shirt (i.e. if you have given up on engaging in a constant battle of turning the temps with your co-workers)

The rainy and gloomy days serve as the perfect excuse to wear a knit blouse or cardigan. And since there are different types of knits, ones that come with larger knits are ideal as they fit the tropical rain shower weather. They give you the right amount of warmth and ventilation. You can read more about it from my previous post on knitwear in tropics here.

For this post, I am wearing a patchwork cardigan from ASOS Design. The inverted seams, pink buttons and the pop of primary blue was all I needed to be convinced. The knit is thin and I always make sure to wear it on cooler, gloomier days. No sweat – no joke – I did not sweat. And since we are talking about the sweat, allow me to explain that I indeed had given into my winter-wear obsession by purchasing a fur bucket hat and not keeping it till I can wear it in weather appropriate conditions. The bright blue was too tempting to pair with my cardigan. And I wore it only for the photos, cause I felt like my head was on fire after a good few minutes of wearing it. For pants I chose my 874 classics from Dickies. I bought a larger size so it slouches on my waist. As for footwear it is my pastel Air Force 1 trainers.

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