Let’s face it, most of us do not live in mansions with rooms filled with Louboutins and Valentino gowns. Instead, we are those who dwell in small apartments, working twelve hours daily, juggling two to three jobs, doing household chores, putting up with family drama and plastering a big smile while doing it all. We are constantly searching for ways to achieve perfection through style and pragmatism; even when it comes to our own big day.

The Dress
For the modern woman, that special look must be elegant yet practical; more women opt for bridal gowns that are cut closer to the body and are easier to walk around in. Modern and minimalist bridal attire such as jumpsuits, plain sheath dresses or suit and pants make a good case for upcycling. And celebrities like Olivia Palermo and Keira Knightley have set good examples (Keira wore her Chanel tulle dress thrice!)

The Shoes
They look better on your feet than in a dark corner of your cupboard gathering dust! Those ivory shoes with rhinestones might be a special memorabilia of that day but no book says that it should be exclusive only to it! You can wear them now and then. Shoes with chunkier heels, lace styles or flats are in trend and ideal pieces to wear again (perhaps to another eventful evening or an anniversary dinner date with your husband?)

Accessories & Jewelry
Bridal jewelry is conventionally classy and simple making them ideal pieces as a wardrobe staple. A pearl necklace or a pair of crystal drop earrings  can be used to accessorize a simple black dress or even your ‘dhiguhedhun’ The bohemian trend is quite popular again, which means more women styling their hair in loose locks and flower crowns. You can either go for a simple crown with delicate natural (or artificial) flowers or even beads and crystals; they can be excellent festival accessories later on or you could simply hang it as a decorative piece in your room!

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