From my closet : Quirky socks

socks from the 'snowy mountains' in India

Hello Everyone! I’ve been quite busy with my exhibition preparations that I havn’t been able to sit down properly at the computer to write posts for Famushu readers. But here I am now, taking some time out to write about my fashion musings : ) Last night I was arranging my closet  (which is almost always messed up)when I got hold of a small gift from an Indian friend of mine.  She is from the Northern part of the country, a state called Himachal Pradesh(“snowy mountains”). This lovely gift is handwoven by her mother. The age-old technique of making the socks have been passed down from their ancestors.  I was awed by its uniqueness and she claimed that the socks do maintain heat during winter! It took me by surprise. But perhaps that is the beauty and the most amazing aspect  about traditional craft work.

Sultan Fareed's shoes - Maldives

Traditional craft work also reflects the origins of one’s culture. The  picture I’ve posted above is of our Sultan Fareed’s shoes which he wore to royal ceremonies, the shoes are similar to the socks from Himachal Pradesh. Although, the pointy ends at the front are exactly the same, the sultan’s shoes are grander and royal with intricate handicraft of beadings and velvet trimmings at the edges. We have always shared a similar culture with the Indian’s  and the rest of our neighboring Asian countries – and what better way is there to prove it other than through clothing’s and jewelries  of our past ancestors. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this post and I will keep you posted on my fashion musings and interesting finds.  🙂


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