An old tale of Ying and Yang

Fashion most of the time, as we see it on the runway or in magazine editorials, have no personal connectivity with what the ‘real’ person wants or will wear in a ‘real’ situation. Just the way, we argue about the unattainable cellulite-free barbie-esque figures and the airbrushed alabaster skin of the models printed on the glossy covers of Vogue or Elle; it is impossible to convince ourselves that a sheer black sequined Louis Vuitton top would look as amazing on us as it did on Rihanna. The point is, that the fashion statements made on the runway models, magazines should not dictate what we should wear, instead we can mix and style different trends and clothing to show who we are or what we are feeling at the moment. As for myself, I always go with what my mood dictates.  Although, this concept can be deceptive and can easily  misguide one – for when it comes to formal occasions I believe that one must be dressed properly to befit the occasion (in some cultures it is considered rude to be ill-dressed!  :-O  ! ) 

So what did my ever-so-fluctuating mood conjure me to style this month? Here’s a mood board of my style inspirations: FKA Twigs, Grunge, punk black and white, lisa bonet, chokers and the 90’s! All photos are copyright of FAMUSHU and must not be used in any way without the prior written permission from FAMUSHU! 

mood board






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