Un collage de plusieurs!

working on a collage art piece

I’m working for my solo exhibition 24×7 nowadays and I thought it’s only fair that I share some of the pieces with my Famushu readers from time to time! The art exhibition is about ‘fashion’ and I will be exhibiting different kinds of art pieces and will display work using techniques such as water color, pencil colors, tempera and mixed medium. Fashion illustration itself is a very broad form of art that gives the artist full liberty to use any technique whether it be water color or collages using different materials.

I always drift away into the world of collages when making collage art pieces. The possibilities of creating outrageous and beautiful imagery is just infinitive! But one must have these two key ingredients to achieve a successful piece : “Imagination” & “Creativity”! Pour cette post I’ve put up a picture of the collage; made with selected magazine clippings, cut into forms to suit the final image, painted certain areas and one eye is pencil colored on a separate paper and included on the final piece later. I love to go through many experiments before I achieve the ultimate final art work. Hence this collage piece is among those experiments that I had made under this particular technique.

"JUST SMILE" 2010 - collage, using magazine clippings, tempera and pencil colors

Goofing around with magazine cut outs! 🙂

Well then lovelies, i will be posting some more works soon, till then A’bientot! xoxoxo

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