“True That”

After taking the advice of a friend last year, I figured it would be a good idea after all to put all my experiences in work and personal life into an illustrated comic strip. I know it is never easy to define oneself in a few words or sketched characters but it’s always good to keep it as a memorabilia or as a lesson to not repeat the same mistakes?… or perhaps to look forward to better things in life?…Either way, illustrating my “True That” comic strip (which I initially debuted on my Facebook page ) had somehow made me reflect on what had happened and made me feel lighter as well…
So here it is, finally publishing on FAMUSHU… “True That” PAGEONE1-As an artist, I’ve come across this a lot…both professionally and personally … it hurts most when it comes from people who are dear to me. new cartoon2-To Some Success is not about being a Millionaire. It could mean something beyond materialistic. Respect it.skitaaagain 3-There are either ‘Best Friends’ or ‘Back Stabbers’ skitagain4-Feelings ? What Feelings? skitone

5-Some guys are really confusing, they tell her something else and does something else. There’s a line in Cindy Lauper’s song “girls just wanna have fun” and it goes ..”Some boys take a beautiful girl. And hide her away from the rest of the world” ….Girls, you should be able to “Walk in the sun” !cartoontwo

Well Folks, that’s all for now…I’ll keep you updated with new strips on “True That”

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