Skinny Jeans Nightmare on the Streets of Male’! (Well…all around Maldives)

I’ve been longing to post on the local street style for quiet some time now. Alors! This time my observation is on the Maldivian men’s fashion, more specifically the ‘skinny jeans flock’.
It appears that our opposite sex has taken a great liking for skinny jeans; and that too: skinny jeans in bright shocking colors. The tight stretchable denim wrapped around their tiny wobbly little limbs like a second skin makes them look no less than the men from medieval times (a somewhat starved version of it as well). And believe me boys; that style should be left for the theatrics on stage! And while you are whizzing away on your ‘blades’ you look nothing close to cool. The skinny nightmare doesn’t end here; it prevails with the men preferring to pair their tight jeans with shirts printed with feminine floral motifs, unbuttoned up to their navels revealing a starved physique of just skin and bones; their hair either puffed up to an Afro, styled into spikes with strange looking mullet /tails of hair on the back of their heads or long frizzy and disheveled hair falling from their shoulders. They have also taken a great deal of effort to accessorize with chains around their wrists, silver necklaces and dangling earrings. I feel terribly sorry for those guys who go for this look.skinny jeans Maldives

However, halfway through my denial of this trend I am trying to empathize and understand exactly why they prefer to go for such a radical look that does not appeal the least. Men have a few style options and looks they could go for compared to women. They cannot play with colors like us or work a short skirt (for the straights at least) unlike us who can work the masculine look (of a pair of suit and pants) and still look ultra powerful. Perhaps our Maldivian male counterparts have joined their ‘fashion forces’ to work a look that challenges the street style of Maldives: To stand out from the crowd and perhaps to create a unique kind of cool?

But should guys above 20 wear jeans in pink or green or have their floral shirts unbuttoned up to their belly buttons? Or is it appropriate at all to have your shirt opened in any working environment that deals with customers directly? Is it pleasing to know that your customer just took an eyeful of your entire abdomen (of just skin and bones may I add again)?
I do believe that men CAN wear skinny jeans… but let’s not make it a habit of it and wear it everywhere. It’s only suitable for casual occasions and for boys – NOT men! page1













You can wear the skinny jeans (albeit not too tight that you walk on like a cowboy) try to go for more demure colors like denim-washed, black or greys. Pair them with a proper T-shirt or Shirt (buttoned up!) Try working the dark-over-light look; a white t-shirt over an acid washed /dark colored denim jeans OR vice versa. And ditch the over accessorizing, go for one accessory like a chain on your wrist or if you still want to wear the necklace make it a leather one with a simple pendant. page2page 3page4






































The basic point is; wear your skinnies and floral shirts but don’t over do it. In fact, don’t over do any look! Play with a style subtly to achieve the best results 😉

What do you think of skinny jeans? Are you a fan of them? Would you wear them? And what do you think of Maldivian men’s street style? Share your thoughts 🙂 !

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