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Hello all Famushu readers 😀 I’m excited to write this post and share a recent work with you. I have been quite preoccupied with painting and writing that I haven’t been able to update Famushu with the most recent fashion happenings! Forgive me dears, but I will surely post about the latest fashion weeks and trends very soon! Alors, moving on, this post is about the first painting (three in fact) that I made for a client (My Clinic) in Male’ Maldives this month of Feb. It’s acrylic on canvas and it’s titled “Simple Grace”. To be honest, I was very nervous and equally excited to do it, as I have not done any painting specifically for an interior before. I must thank MyClinic for that wonderful opportunity as well since it was enjoyable working with them. Goldfish swimming in a pond came across as a soothing concept to me and which I believe can help to create a calming effect on anybody.  I’m pretty sure that customers young and old sitting at a clinic would not want to see a dark and grim painting that might remind them of a dentist from hell perhaps?! Well, most of all, I was just pleased to know that my client was satisfied with my work.

Enjoy the pictures!


PS: A big thank you to dear fraath, for the lovely pictures! ^.^

check out his photography here


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