We often underestimate the power of basic pieces in clothing and accessories. But first, what exactly are they? A crisp white button-down, a pair of denim jeans, black pumps or a white t-shirt are some that are considered as wardrobe essentials, staples or basic pieces. These however, may differ from each woman’s wardrobe – some might call a pair of brown ballet flats, a leopard print midi skirt or a wrap dress their staples (since they never go out style and can be worn pretty much anywhere).
As someone who loves to dress simple in no-fuss clothing and neutral colors, it is essential that I have the right clothing, shoes or bags that I can quickly wear and head out.  And in my opinion, this is one of the main things that make up a basic piece for me.
Here, I am wearing one of my go-to ensembles: A crisp white t-shirt from ASOS (I can never have too many of these. They always fit me great and can get a good wear out of them) that I tucked into my straight leg, indigo jeans and paired my soft faux leather bag from an indie brand called Embroiderer Bangkok. With basic pieces, you can either dress up or dress down, depending on where you are headed to. If I am going to a meeting I would wear the same pieces and elevate the look with a pair of black heels or the ones I am wearing here –  white mules with PVC straps from Truffle Collection, gold hoops (shop them from Famushu Boutique), a sleek belt with silver tips and micro sun glasses (find them at Famushu Boutique). This otherwise simple t-shirt and jeans combination has been elevated to a chic and modern look after careful styling and pairing the right accessories. For a flawless look always make sure to have your clothing properly washed, stain-free, ironed and brush off any lint before you head out.


Photos by Suheil
Instagram : Suhaell

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