Styling A Duster Coat In The Tropics

To layer in hot weather might sound absurd but these days we have an ample variety of clothing that lets us pull-off even the impossible!
Duster Coats, that became popular in the 1920’s are often thick in material and is worn in cold weather. A well-made duster coat can look incredibly stylish if paired with the right clothing and accessories. Unfortunately, for people like us who live in the tropics – duster coats are never in our wardrobes (unless we are traveling to a destination with colder climate!)
So, the new-age duster coats are life savers! They are perfect for layering and give that polished look. I own a few now, most of them come in thin materials, like satin or chiffon and I wear them with a neutral colored tank top paired with denim jeans.
Here, I am wearing a satin duster coat (which, by the way, was incredibly soft and comfortable to wear!) by a brand called Naanaa, a black jersey slip and New Look shoes. I paired it with my Moschino bag and sunglasses. You could easily wear this ensemble to work, a meeting or even a family get-together. A duster coat in thin material can be a great addition for women who wear modest clothing, it doesn’t feel stuffy or too much – make sure to play with the proportions, material and color to complement your height.

Photographs by Ashwa Faheem




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