Spring Summer 2014 Men!

Now, did You think Famushu would leave out the men!

Men today, have become accustomed to more simpler methods of dressing up and fashion’s evolved into minimalism. Where men once spent many laborious hours dressing up in several layers of garments (In the Victorian era a gentleman’s dress essentials were a coat,vest and hat…one would be considered naked if seen without them!) has become a rare sight in the 21st century. But perhaps the beauty (‘in the modern world’) lies in practicality along with comfort and a contemporary sense of style.

Our opposite sex makes a strong demand for Comfort more than Style (I bet there’s no woman who will deny the sacrifices we’ve made to the former)Despite the evolution of the carefree ‘modern man’ designers from Milan and Paris have contributed a tasteful array of styles in a variety of colors in their men’s wear collections (even the introduction of accessories like ‘murses’ (men’s purse)! )

So our carefree ‘modern men’ CAN dress up still… though not in the suit and vest (at least for most occasions) but fashionably! (can our men make a run for women’s fashion?!)

Let’s take a look at the highlights/trends of this year’s Spring Summer Men’s Collections.

Got the Blues!

From cobalts to prussian blue, different blue tones were used in almost every collection this year. Either a head-to-toe all blue look from Christopher Kane to a zipper jacket in faded blue from Jonathan Saunders; there was a variety of styles to chose from or to inspire an ensemble. I personally loved the sketchy wave prints used by Kenzo which was part of their concept build-up of young American surfers.                                                                                                                                                                               _KEN0062.450x675                                                           


Prints tend to be tricky when used for men’s wear, it requires a balance when styling as well. Always go for a solid color when pairing with a printed outfit. However, some have risked head-to-toe prints, which can be either suitable for certain occasions or if you want to pull off a certain look. I loved Issay Miyake’s abstract technique in showing florals (which has become a popular trend for men’s fashion) His use of silk screen prints on black dyed fabric and batik prints that were so vibrant and refreshing. Dries Van Noten on the other hand took the floral fashion quite literally, his prints were …very Dries…organic colors with an Asian influence. And apart from Dolce and Gabbana’s show stopping streaker who cheerfully stripped on the runway, the Italian designers gave an even more showstopping presentation of prints inspired by Greek gods like Zeus and Apollo. Powerful mythical characters and a powerful architectural history left behind were put in modern prints._VIE7424.450x675



 Suit Up!

Simply put : A suit is an essential for every modern man! 😉suit up
















accessorizeA polka dotted scarf ? flower printed bags? This year feminine elements are popular  in men’s wear…and it hardly makes the man look any less ‘manly’. The Grecian inspired sandals by Dolce and Gabbana and shoes with a woven impression looked comfortable and stylish. Leather hand bags and round sunglasses were also prominent accessories this season.

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