MISSION : FAMUSHION! – Famushion-izing Mollywood actresses fashion disasters !

  It’s been really long since I had proper internet connection after my move to another area in the crowded concrete jungle of male’…and unfortunately, I’m pretty much cut-off from the rest of the world as I still have no proper internet access. This post my dear readers, has been long overdue, so let’s continue with it shall we! We (Maldivians especially) know about our pocket sized Mollywood’s annual bash called “Maldivian film awards”, a rather unsuccessful but steadily improving awards ceremony. This event has also been a platform that had showcased one of fashion’s faux pas, and here we are (again) to celebrate and mock at the dreadful costume parade – though the difference this year is that FAMUSHU will inspect and take a closer look at the outfits as fashion police! And we will fashionably twist the utterly disastrous outfits of Mollywood ‘stars’ in our stylish blender and juice out some lip-smacking cocktails of gowns for those actresses!

Niuma: Oh lovely Niuma! The actress who today, is known for shaving her hair off for an infamous Mollywood movie! The reigning queen of our small film industry we see that you wanted to wear red to this special event; but darling, the gown you are wearing is nothing close to make you look like a star! The bright red is impeccable for an evening event but how about choosing a gown that looks less of a disaster and one that looks sleek and sophisticated? Niuma, we FAMUSHU suggests that you opt the loveliness of simplicity! You are a mature and smart lady – and such a lady would need to show her sophistication through a simple, modern and elegant number!

Ellie Saab - Naeem Khan

This rich red Ellie Saab gown from his fall RTW 2011 is beautifully embroidered yet does not look overdone! It’s the kind of gown that a mature smart actress is fit for! Niu, the frumpy frilled tail of carnival-de-disaster have got to GO! FAMUSHU also suggests: this lovely, modern yet glamorous gown by Naeem Khan! This silver number will give the impression of a slim silhouette and is a hundred times chic and modern than that red-isaster!

Darling! Rio Carnival is in Brazil NOT in Maldives! It’s high time that the poofed-up-goofof style went out the window! FAMUSHU knows that you want to look like a glam doll and you certainly have a great figure to carry off a fine gown, so show it off with chic style – Not clown work that mocks your natural beauty! FAMUSHU has a Fashionable platter of modern gowns for you: Reem Acra’s (fall RTW 2011) glamorous gown that fades from a blue to metallic tones of gold and copper is just parfait for you! It accentuates your figure with it’s sleek finish. A simple yet glamorous outfit that a star like you truly deserves! Or how about our second option? We see that you want to flaunt your toned legs , why not choose a style comme Isaac Mizrahi’s short blue number (as we also figure that you wanted to wear a blue tone for the night) This outfit is simplicity and youth put forward in a chic parcel!

Reem Acra - Isaac Mizrahi


Ah! Such innocent beauty is like a rare gem, Huyam you definitely look better compared to the rest of the star invitees! Your simple outfit goes along with your inner loveliness. Though, might we suggest an outfit that puts in the star quality… a bit subtly ofcourse: to compliment your fine figure a dress as such of Naeem Khan’s silver embroidered black dress is parfait! Or the dress from  Pucci’s RTW 2011 collection will make you look slim, sultry and is suitable for a glamorous occasion.

Reem Acra - Pucci



Sheila:The words just hardly roll out of our tongues! You have officially become a national fashion disaster! Your gown (or whatever it was meant to be) looks like as if a humongous purple volcano exploded spewting rainbows and dull plastic flowers everywhere! Clearly you are glowing with your pregnancy and we express our heartfelt congratulations to you! But Sheila you need to be saved! A charming and talented actress like you needs to be FAMUSHION-ed! Thus modern yet elegant evening attire would suit you the most! Naeem Khan’s sophisticated elegance is ideal! This black short dress is just chic and finely hides away your belly – and black is ideal for evenings! Or have a look at Naeem Khan’s embroidered gown! So darling you have got to burn that purple dress!

Naeem Khan

Kiddy, you certainly love kids but it does not mean you have to dress like one! You are a gorgeous, talented and mature woman – show it! Take a look at Balmain’s resort collection 2012 , simple yet strong. For the powerful performance you gave during the show, you could have chosen an interesting jacket like that of Balmain’s latest resort collection paired with polished leggings. If you wanted to bring a more feminine appearance the monochrome dress by Versace’s recent resort collection is fantastic! And for the evening you could have ditched that silver jacket and tiered white dress for a black high-fashion number by Balmain. It’s a common misunderstanding that more volume hides away the flab; when in fact the more simple silhouettes make the figure look slim. Darling, let us suggest this beautiful silver embroidered Naeem Khan’s design – it’s modern and says ‘glamour’ in a subtle and sultry way.

Naeem Khan - Balmain

Balmain - Versace

We know that you know “your way” and perhaps there are only a few anchors in Maldives who know their way when it comes to fashion and clothing. You have a distinct style and we see that you always put an effort to be more presentable for the telly (though at times the outfits are overdone) For the awards you wore this simple black number beaded in silver to bring a bit of an Indian influence. FAMUSHU suggests that you could have worn a more modern outfit as well. Dear, we see that you like to pepper your outfits with Indian hints and you have repeated the style a lot , so how about changing styles and bringing in a variety? Perhaps a dress like that of Stella McCartney’s RTW 2011 could be ideal. It is modern and effortless, sometimes keeping aside the heavy embroidery and all the glitz is a bon idée 😉  Versace’s jacket and dress from their recent resort collection would also make an impression by making you stand out from the crowd as the cool cat you are!

Stella McCartney - Versace

Oh wait a minute are we at the red light zone or at the real Maldives film Awards ? Perhaps our little starlet lost her way? Dear, you surely are on FAMUSHU’s black list! That outfit is such a catastrophe! You need to be FAMUSHION-IZED; that tint-less dull pink in that silhouette is cheap looking and you need to attend ‘starlets-finishing-school’ to learn how to pose as a real star ! What is that a curtain behind you? And did you just pin up your grandmother’s home-made zelebi’s? Sigh…and your cheap accessories! Alright, so let’s quickly get down to business – we believe that you wanted to flaunt your figure and legs most importantly, so we suggest this black dress by Alan Schwartz, beautiful elegant draping with beaded shoulders! Just lip-smacking good eh? Or something like that of Donna Karan’s , darling dressing up fashionably does not mean you have to look cheap! Being chic and classy respectfully and carrying it off in such a manner is what it’s all about…too.

Alan Schwartz - Donna Karan

Yana,I bet you melted many hearts in Maldives as well! Looking lovely as ever and with that chic haircut Your dress with that simple embroidered butterfly is simply lovely. One does not have to be a fashion police to single you out as the ‘different one’ from the rest of the fashion-disaster crowd. As a model, actress and VJ we know that you have a busy schedule and work out often to keep the slim figure; for this ceremony we know that you wore this loose fitting dress to bring out a sense of effortlessness and because you were visiting one of the world’s most adored vacation spots – But we think you could have pulled off a dress that looks effortless yet would make you stand out more! Reem Acra’s black simple design is fit for a beauty queen like you. Willow’s nude dress is also quite a stand out that is finely tailored, with a chic sense of effortlessness and will show off your slim waist in a relaxed way of course!

Reem Acra - Willow

Mizu,that’s the Rio Carnival again! The colourful floats just keep coming through! This talented RJ and now a VJ as well is one of those few who have the attractive combo of beauty with brains. Though Mizu that outfit for such an occasion is a disaster! It looks like as if somebody just randomly sewed on to you a bunch of cheap blue flags! Darling, first of all, you prefer blue for the night, but there are several others who chose the same colour as well! Thus, making your outfit stand out (even if it’s blue) is the ultimate goal! An electric blue number by Farah Angsana is lovely as you will surely agree! This number is simple and oozes sultry appeal, the black beaded jacket has a finesse unlike any seen in our country. Adding on delicate details is much more attractive than that frumpy trail of flags! Reem Acra once again nails it with this gown – it is not blue but a different more rich colour- look at the sleeves beautifully beaded as if it is part of the skin!

Farah Angsana - Reem Acra

Oh Rishmy, you hope to follow the Carnival trend eh? That pointless fringe of strings look like a worn out dangling mop and that red belt is cheaply put together! We just don’t gather what the whole point of your outfit is! It just does not make any sense! Rishmy, you could dance away those miserable fringes in one of your videos on the beach but not for an awards ceremony! Darling you are a versatile actress, dancer, choreographer , multi-talented, this does not mean you have to pull of all your strings ! ;D  Put an effort to be more presentable, with a gown like that of Oscar de la Renta, this simple evening gown in a rich red maroon with the sheer shoal-like fabric draped around the shoulders is elegant. Or this Ralph Lauren black gown perhaps. Keep it simple and you’ll be more attractive!

Oscar de la Renta - Ralph Lauren

 Is this a microscopic view of a rare species of green fungi?? Seriously! What were you thinking dear! That just can’t walk down the red carpet! And what are those…imitating green roses? That dress is way too cheap! For an evening event, is this what you thought was best… bright green? You need serious FAMUSHION-IZING! We know that you have tried to bring out something unique to show off to the audience, but that…is not going to get you “oooh” and “aahhs” instead “What tha !!” or mocking laughs! Now darling, you would not want to be the laughing stock of the crowd eh? How about wearing something more like a draped gown comme Ellie Saab, ahh just the beauty of the colour is breathtaking, it looks elegantly captivating. You could pair such a gown with some unique jewelry, like an intricately woven necklace in a metallic tone such as rose gold or copper and a cuff bracelet to go with it. However, if you want frills then you can go for a more toned-down style such as Reem Acra’s black gown. You can wear frills but be gentle with it! :- )

Ellie Saab - Reem Acra

Alas, to  sign off from this time’s FAMUSHU fashion police we hope you had a great time reading this post and hope that it has somehow helped the glamour crowd of Maldives to think twice before dressing up! Alors hope to come back again with some juicy blends and black list some more celebrities! Till then Adios!

Photo credits of Maldivian Film Awards: Mauroof Khaleel

Other images par Style.com


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