I felt like I was going back to my usual black and white monochromatic ensemble. But with a slight twist this time. ‘Slight’ probably is an understatement because I chose to wear a mind-boggling, hallucinatory combination of monochromatic prints. I won’t blame you if the lot of you come at me with complaints about how this outfit has given you a migraine. So here’s a PSA : Do not scroll If you get migraines from such psychedelic prints.

Monochrome is predicted to be a trend of 2021 even though it has always slipped into the ‘trend’ list every year. Each time it does, there is a fresh way the designers and stylists revive the monochrome. This year there was a lot of bold color blocking, a good example is Ports1961, their halter neck dress just flowed so elegantly yet it was such a bold contrast of black and white. Meanwhile, Christopher John Rogers presented his monochrome vision as a clash of two bold patterns; checkerboard and bold wavy brush strokes. Thebe Magugu’s look represented a fashionably sliced and dissected dice cube (at least to me it looked like one). We have the classic monochrome looks from Chanel with their customary pearls and expected tweed ensembles. And in regards to patterns, (which I will slip in here because we have been seeing a lot of checkerboard prints) especially in ready-to-wear and fast fashion collections. From the runway of MM6 Maison Margiela, Maison Margiela’s diffusion label – MM6 tells their customers that the checkerboard is the Spring Summer look for 2022. Which makes a huge statement about the resilient print that is definitely here to stay.

It really depends on you to iterate the trend in your way. And in my case, I went for something that I wouldn’t normally go for. Thus the clash of trippy prints. I did not want to use too much of color beyond that. So I stuck to minimal accessories but in some playful colors that play into the concept I am wearing.

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