While I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, I couldn’t help but notice a certain type of accessory that seems to have woven itself into every woman’s wardrobe this season. The wicker accessory has become one of the most popular pieces recently. From wicker bags, hats to shoes and jewelry – the list keeps growing. I am guilty of double tapping and saving looks bedecked with them! After all there is something alluring about this simple, organic piece – it always exudes a summer, beach-y vibe and the best part about them is that they don’t cost a fortune! You could easily score an inexpensive one off the internet or from your next holiday trip to Indonesia where straw bags are galore. Now, the wicker bag phenomenon blew up around mid 2016 and early 2017, when the basket bag was seen swinging on every celebrity’s or blogger’s arm. The humble straw bag became a style statement for I’m-vacationing-at-a-fancy-island-resort. Needless to say, straw bags and hats have existed for a really long time, it is not only found in European culture but in Asia as well (I remember my mom having a round wicker bag in a soft cream color, which I used to play dress-up with as a child). Designer brands like Cult Gaia, are at the forefront of creating exclusive sculptured wicker pieces or as they call it “Objets d’art for the discerning femme”. There is a range of wicker items available today – adding to the list are woven straw shoes, sandals and wicker earrings like those found at Alberta Ferretti – all of which are currently must-haves! I believe that, since they have been around for a really long time, this particular style won’t be declared a bygone by the fashion gurus anytime soon! And the multiple styles and versions of them have made them the perfect accessory to spice up even your office looks. The beach is not the limit!

So, if you happen to be like me (having a harmless obsession with wicker) then you would love this brief edit of wicker accessories, below. Hopefully they will inspire you to have one (or three!) in your wardrobe.



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