I Got Lipstick Stains On My White Blazer!

Well, that was right after the outfit photos were done (phew!)
The wind blew the blazer’s flap right on my face, but thankfully the stain was not as strong (and I was not wearing red lipstick!) So a few tissue wipes did the trick.

It’s a rare sight to catch people wearing blazers and hats in Maldives. And these two are one of the most ‘dressy’ items to top off any look – and has been a sign of wealth and status in the times of yore.

As a girl who loves to dress-up I have a good few blazers in my wardrobe, but naturally I almost never get to wear them in the blazing heat of Maldives. So, whenever I pick one out I make sure that they are in-betweens (not too thick and not too thin) – in my recent efforts to try and nail that tricky middle – I scored this blazer.
I wore it over a Uniqlo tank top after rolling up the sleeves. The flared pants are quite in these days(which I actually stopped wearing since I was 15) , so I thought why not give it a try again! The shoes are from ASOS and the sling-back kitten heels look really cute (comfort level though was around 40% – which is kind of a bummer) Models like Elsa Hosk, Gigi and Bella Hadid have been spotted wearing the newspaper boy hat. The hat is synonymous with European culture (or let’s say Oliver Twist?) but Hollywood style icons like Jane Birkin or French it-girls Francoise Hardy and Brigitte Bardot made the hat a stylish piece – a must-have for every fashion girl. I finished off the look with a Famushu boutique clutch (the design is inspired by the Maldivian traditional lacquer craft-work).














Photographed by Skyrim 

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