Simple D.I.Y When You’re on LockDown

It does feel a little odd to blog about fashion and post photos ( that were taken outdoors some weeks ago), just before the Covid19 blew up . That being said, I believe that fashion related content (or just about any content that is light-hearted) will help to relieve our stress a little bit. Since we are all supposed to stay indoors, I thought it would be a good idea to make a post on a D.I.Y project.

All you need :
1- A solid color top
2- Bleach
3- Pair of rubber gloves

Step 1-
Decide where you want to create the design you want on your top.
A dry toilet is the best place to create it. Unless you have a studio with enough space to spread your top and use bleach. I made sure there was enough ventilation when I used bleach.
Step 2-
Spread the top on a dry toilet floor.
Step 3-
Sprinkle bleach over the top. In any design you prefer.
Step 4-
Wait for the bleach to take effect. I kept it for one hour or 45 minutes.
Step 5-
I gave it a thorough wash with detergent afterwards. Et Voila!

Be safe when you use bleach! I just wanted to say that again. The Spring Summer runway shows had a lot of cut-out tops and dresses, so I figured that my top which had this cut-out across the collarbone was ideal. I am also loving the bucket hat and cargo pants trend. These satin black cargo pants are so comfortable and perfect as high waist pants. As for jewelry I layered my necklaces to peak through the cut-out.

Photographs by Munko

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