A Fresh Twist To A Classic White Button-Down Shirt

I always try to invest in classic pieces; which can be worn to almost any occasion, at any age and can be paired with trendy pieces. The white shirt is one of those timeless pieces and in my previous post, I showed how statement jewelry can be incorporated into a white shirt. You can combine a variety of jewelry, accessories or clothing with a white shirt. And that is how I ended up styling my white shirt from ASOS with a pair of liquor and poker jeans.

A crisp white button-down shirt is a formal attire, but you can balance out the rigidness of the shirt with a pair of interesting jeans. Liquor and poker jeans are perfect because they have some decent rips here and there, with black pom poms lining the sides of it. I kept The jewelry and accessories monochromatic, to simplify and balance out the entire look. The black jersey choker and black pointed heels are from ASOS.  A modern black bag with interesting hardware helped to elevate the look.

How would you style a white button-down shirt?






Photographs by Mahin Fayaz


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