…And it’s a wrap!

Glamour.com has come up with their list of the most glamorous women of 2009 and queen of the wrap dress and the president of CFDA (council of fashion designers of America) : Diane Von Furstenberg, tagged along with the rest of the powerful beauties like Iman and Tyra Banks–first ladies of America and France, Michel Obama and Carla Bruni Sarkozy were nominated too!Alors, what really interested me was the fact that Diane Von Furstenberg took her place in the list, she is an inspiring designer, the wrap dress which Furstenberg is known for, had made its splash in the fashion scene decades ago and it’s still ruling our wardrobes as a must-have classic piece! The wrap dress is timelessly elegant, truly feminine and chic:). And since I’ve always wanted to sew a wrap dress and had to put my newly learned sewing skills to test too, this was the perfect timing. With a stretch of jersey fabric I had recently bought, it was time to cut out its pattern. It needed some hours of sewing and voila – it’s a wrap! 🙂


I felt like the seventies for a moment, drifted away to a time when Halston, Yves   Saint Laurent and Diane Von Furstenberg ruled the fashion industry. Bravo to Furstenberg who is still going strong: making women feel feminine and independent.

Girls!  Here are some facts about the wrap dress: 🙂


*A wrap dress is a dress with two front panels which cross over and is tied with fabric cords or ribbons; much like a dressing gown. It is originally made of jersey material and falls to the knee with long sleeves.

*You could wear it on any occasion, for parties, meetings with friends to work (in decent neutral colours) it goes along with formal and informal occasions very well.

*You could wear it with colours like black and white or even with floral prints and ethnic designs with rich colours.

*Be careful to avoid wardrobe malfunctions by wearing the proper underwear. And make sure you have tied the cords tightly before going out.


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