Une visite à un bateau naval français.

a fashionable take on a sailor's uniform

a fashionable take on a sailor's uniform

I got an invitation for a reception at the French navy ship BCR Somme last Monday and it was one of the best experiences ever. As an étudiante studying in Alliance Française in Male’ I was thrilled to meet the captain and the rest of the ship crew members. It had rained earlier in the day and the sea was a little rough , making it difficult to get aboard on the ladder (and I was hoping I won’t slip and fall into the sea and be in an embarassing situation). So , I was relieved to be safely onboard and was greeted by the ship captain clad in white uniform and a big warm smile: “Bonsoir et bien-venue à notre bâteau”, he greeted.  We moved on to the area where all the guests were drinking juices and eating small crispy biscuits decorated with cheese and cherries.  With our French language teacher  and a lieutenant as our tour guide we explored the ship, going through the maze like corridors and climbing the steel ladders to new compartments. As we stood at the bridge of the ship with the windy breeze blowing gently against us, we saw the small Male’ at a distance; lit beautifully with its city lights against the cramped buildings and the mosque standing grand and golden. It was a wonderful feeling and I wondered what it would be like to be a sailor and be away from home. As we had to go back to Male’ in our speed boat, I felt like staying a little longer  and I also realised how much more of French I still needed to learn, hehe. This is definitely one of the most memorable experiences ever. C’est certainement une des expériences les plus mémorables.


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