Cat suits prowl the streets of Male’ and around Maldives.

"say miaow girls!"

"say miaow girls!"

Strangely, most women of Maldives choose to wear the burkhaa in a style that is paradoxical to what it is expected of burkhaa attire. Slim Pencil jeans, body-tight jersey tops, shiny accessories and a tight chiffon burkhaa around the head are ‘stylish’ according to them. But ‘stylish’ can be in a decent form too, like the Arabs or the Malaysians: they do dress fashionably and in a modern sense yet they do not look like they are going for a swim in their ‘burkini’. I believe that these Maldivian women should realize that the whole point of wearing a burkhaa and abiding to the Muslim dress-code is to cover the figure in a decent manner and not expose every curve of the female form in a body suit similar to the cat woman!



Above  are some decent burkhaa styles (pictures taken from Hegab-Rehab blog). I like the beige pants with the kaftan (ideal for work too). It is elegant and sophisticated, the black one suits well for evening occasions. Hegab-rehab blog has some really helpful uploads of how-to’s of wearing burkhaa with some of her own colour coordination’s for you girls. Check out the link 🙂

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