I’m Twisted Inside & Out!

So it’s been quiet a while since I posted here. Have been crazy busy working my back off on my beachwear designs. And while it’s never an easy road to score a satisfactory client base, I’m built to never-give-up! But how about you guys? What have you been up to? Whatever it is… I hope you all have been werking it fashionably! 😉 Having said that here’s a new outfit post. (Long due though!) Some months ago (yes… long overdue!) I sew up a cream colored jersey top and had to document it with pictures (and of course a blog post) This piece is made to look like as if the fabric has been twisted loosely around one’s body. The twisted top is quite popular these days, and I believe is a versatile piece that can be worn to different occasions. It’s twisted at the front with a simple back and long sleeves. You can wear it with possibly any kind of jewelry, go for a boho look  if you like – with an eclectic mix of bangles and intricate cocktail rings. Pair it with a big hat on a sunny day (Ideal Coachella look ! ) wear it with jeans or denim shorts! Or a long simple skirt ! The possibilities are endless I believe! If you want to get one made then mail me here info@famushu(dot)com or simply try this style and let me know how you worked it! 😉

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